Raised by a single mother in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Bocho learned at an early age that “if I didn’t cook, I wouldn’t eat.”  As his mother worked and attended school, Bocho learned to make salads at the age of eight, and recalls his first experience cooking eggs on the stove at eleven years old.  “I had to be supportive, I cooked and my mom took care of me,” said Bocho.  His mother has been extremely supportive, in fact.  So supportive, that when Bocho decided to open up his first restaurant at the age of sixteen, his mother and his grandmother bankrolled the endeavor. 

After just two months on the job in Northbrook, Bocho was promoted to server.  He loved it, “this got me closer to what I know, handling food.”  He completed his high school diploma, and then felt compelled to open a restaurant called, El Tepache (Tepache originates from the Aztec language Náhuatl which means "drink made from corn").  However, after dealing with a high priced local, business associates with differing philosophies, and the urge to break away from exclusively making traditional Mexican dishes – Bocho closed El Tepache and spent some time thinking about his next venture.

While he was figuring things out, he went back to the Northbrook restaurant; however, he had grown and being a server alone was not enough.   This stint lasted three months, and soon after, Bocho started making arrangements to take over the struggling Café Catedral.  He has renamed it La Catedral Cafe.  The venue has a broader menu that Bocho considers a “hybrid version of the Tepache.”   Food options include crepes with Mexican caramel, Paninis with skirt steak, and great tasting coffee.  He’s going on three years, and has benefited a lot from social media.  He said that,  “I’ve gotten traffic into Catedral because of notoriety on Facebook,” for example. “I was amazed by the amount of likes I received after posting a picture of myself wearing a bow tie,” said Bocho.  He then added, “I need to make this my look from now on,” and that he should.  Please check out the pictures of our photo shoot and see how Bocho’s flare is still grounded on his comfort in the kitchen. 


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La Catedral Cafe & Restaurant was founded by Ambrocio Gonzalez and Alfredo Flores on January 2010 and where you will find the most angelical and delightful, authentic and traditional Mexican dishes. 

After closing their first restaurant, El Tepache, they decided to take over the closed Cafe Catedral. The current concept of La Catedral Cafe & Restaurant was born. As the new owners, they decided to reinforce the concept of using saints and religious décor that are still on display today. Many religious relics that have been added have been given by loyal customers and friends.

The renowned restaurant has also been part of the movie "Stranger Than Fiction," starring Will Ferrell and Emma Thompson.

In 2013 and 2015, La Catedral Cafe was named the Best Restaurant of the Year in La Villita. It has also been awarded Best Restaurant of the Month in La Villita by the Little Village Chamber of Commerce. By 2018, Time Out Magazine made La Catedral Cafe a recipient of the Love City Awards.

La Catedral Cafe had the honor of housing two of the 100 Buddha heads designed by Indira Johnson, called "Ten Thousand Ripples." It was a project that promoted peace, collaborative art, and social work aimed at ten communities of the City of Chicago.

In 2015, Ambrocio and Alfredo decided to open a new location in Lincoln Square. They now have five restaurants operating in the Chicagoland area. When Chef Ambrocio became a restauranteur, he was motivated to launch his first cook book, "Con Sabor a Guadalajara."

On January 2018, Chef Ambrocio meets a restauranteur couple, Roberto and Erika, owners of Altiro Latin Fusion restaurant chain. It was mutual love of their menus, at first sight.  Their admiration by each others' menus was such, that they partnered to combine the best of both worlds of flavors. These best-named restaurants paired the best La Catedral Cafe's breakfast dishes with Altiro's famous craft cocktails and tapas-style dinners.

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